The Magic KLOROFIL Tree

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A Classic from the seventies launched by Vulli again for hours of play and fun
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A Classic from the seventies launched by Vulli again. Fathers and mothers enjoyed playing with the Magic Tree when the where young and now love to see their kids enjoy it too.

For its 40 years, The Magic tree returns to the original version!

Unique! For this limited edition, each tree is a numbered collector item.

Electronic: With countryside sound effects! When the tree is opened up, the whole of the countryside comes to life. The sound of birds singing and a running river can be heard. Plenty of fun activities to explore: a lift to wind up and down, a little car, a swing... The KLOROFIL tree contains everything your child needs to replicate scenes from everyday life in 1970's style and develop his or her imagination, including a kitchen, a lounge, a bedroom and a bathroom! The tree can be packed away in less than no time, and has a built-in handle to make it easy to carry.

KLOROFIL: a family who live out in the countryside, to encourage imaginative play: Sylvain (daddy), Violette (mummy), Choupi (the little boy), Choupette (the little girl) and Youpi (the dog). 

Measurements when open: 370 mm high * 280 mm wide * 280 mm deep. 3 years and over.