Mrs. Mighetto Print 2-Pack 18X24 Lola/Lost Carousel

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Set met 2 posters van 18x24 cm
Levertijd: Binnen 1 tot 2 werkdagen

Set met 2 posters van 18x24 cm, geprint op 200 g Munken Polar Rough mat papier om het gevoel van de originele waterverf vast te houden.
Limited edition, de print zijn een eenmalige productie.

... Lola is a master of detail. While others focus on the big picture, she finds the missing pieces of the puzzle. Her thoughts always find new paths. She elevates the abilities of those who do not easily find their space and sees all those tiny gestures that would normally go unnoticed. Her humanity receives precisely the love it deserves.

... A swing squeaks in the wind and far away the notes from a distant accordian can be heard. Otherwise it’s deserted and almost a little bit eerie. The mist has settled in for the night and the abandoned carousel that looks like it took its last turn decades ago slowly creaks into motion.