Mrs. Mighetto Print 2-Pack 18X24 William/Night Carousel

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Set met 2 posters van 18x24 cm
Levertijd: Binnen 1 tot 2 werkdagen

Set met 2 posters van 18x24 cm, geprint op 200 g Munken Polar Rough mat papier om het gevoel van de originele waterverf vast te houden.
Limited edition, de print zijn een eenmalige productie.

... Few people have seen William stand still. He’s quick as a firefly and not even the wind can catch up with him. William has a large garage full of vehicles he’s always working on. One day he’s building a time machine and the next, a flying bicycle.

... When nighttime knocks on the door of the Tivoli, the forgotten carousel awakens. Small decorative lamps crackle to life and emit a fragile, warm glow. The scent of roasted almonds and hot sugar appear from nowhere. On a given signal, lonely streets are transformed into vibrant parties and the Tivoli comes to life.